A multi-use Cloud Platform

Ready, set & go with our Management Dashboard

Register, manage & optimize all your types of self-service machines with one single dashboard in our KUARIO Manager.
The easy-to-use dashboard enables you to remotely:

  • manage all your self-service machines
  • configure product listings
  • set pricing per single or multiple machines
  • create templates for easy multi-machine roll outs
  • get full reporting of all your transactions & items sold, total turnover and financial clearing & settlements
  • telemetry; get up-to-date information on your stock and machines that are out of service

The KUARIO Manager gives you a higher level of convenience by offering you a clear insight on performance and a full suite of reporting abilities.

This detailed information enables you to increase the success of your self-service machines and will point out machines that need optimization at specific locations.

Not just a Micro Payment Platform

Our PCI-DSS compliant micro payment platform is specifically developed for different kinds of self-services such as printing, vending, coffee, catering, washing, drying, electric charging, lockers, kiddie rides etc.

We cover international & local payment schemes like Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, American Express, iDEAL, SEPA direct debit and more.

We’ve also developed an easy-to-use mobile app to pay at your self-service machines. The app is available for Android & iOS.

The next generation Pay Boxes

For the rapidly growing market of unattended self-service machines, we offer a portfolio of robust & reliable multi-channel payment solutions.

Although more and more people like to pay with their mobile phone, there still is a demand for conventional payment methods like cash and debit-/credit cards.

To bridge this gap we have developed a next generation series of Cloud connected Pay Boxes.

All Pay Boxes are connected to our Cloud Platform.

You can pay at all versions of our Pay Boxes using your mobile phone.

However, depending on the type of Pay Box, you can also choose to pay with cash, debit-/credit cards or both.

By combining all these payment methods, we have created the ultimate multi-channel payment solution for (semi-)public spaces.

Connect your machines to the Cloud with our Smart Connector

Transform your self-service machines to smart, Cloud connected devices.

The Smart Connector ensures a fast and smooth transition to our cloud platform. It connects all your types of self-service machines to the Cloud Platform.

The Smart Connector is a powerful solution that replaces any electronic coin- or banknote validator and manage any unattended self-service machine.

Due to its flexible interface and multiple supported communication protocols, your device will be transformed into a cloud enabled self-service machine accepting mobile payments.

You can optimise your operation, become more cost efficient and have real time insight in the performance and availability of all your machines in the field.

Our Smart Connector is a smart box that can be placed on  the inside of the self-service machine without affecting the exterior. The Smart Connector can be linked and configured in an instance via our KUARIO Mobile Service App.
Our Service app is a specifically developed application for your field service engineers to easily configure self-service machines in the field.
Smart Connectors are cloud connected and software is updated automatically.

The Smart Connector seamlessly integrates with telemetry of your vending machine.
It provides cashless clearance, monitoring, management and Business Intelligence.

Via our Cloud Management Platform you have real time insight on all aspects of your operation i.e. turnover, inventory, financial overview, machine monitoring, status alerts and reports.

Our Smart Connector enables mobile payments on your vending machines. Either via scanning a QR-code or Bluetooth.

As an extra option, you can add our RFID readers to accept transactions from all sorts of RFID badges like company-, campus- or school cards.
These can be linked to the users mobile payment account.