Five reasons why every university would want students to pay via SKUARIO

Does your university already provide the option to pay via SKUARIO? Probably not yet, and chances are that you have not even heard of SKUARIO before. This is very likely, as SKUARIO has only just been launched in the UK.

A quick introduction: SKUARIO is the new payment method via which students can pay via their mobile phone and a QR code.

If you want to buy a cup of coffee, something from the vending machine, or you need to print something: SKUARIO links all types of machines that students pay for at a university. It is a really easy way to pay, using just one mobile app for all types of devices. You can also link your current student ID card to SKUARIO.

Reason 1: A university is not a bank, right?

Many universities manage the students’ incoming money for print budgets or catering credits for meal plans. But they do not have a bank licence. Thus, they are actually in violation, without them even realising this. At SKUARIO, we are fully licensed for managing funds and executing payment services. By doing so, we take away a great responsibility from universities.

Reason 2: Happy students

Students are the “customers” of the university, so these are the people that you should want to facilitate as much as possible. And take the exams, needless to say ;). Which is why here at SKUARIO, we say that “happy students make a happy university”.

Reason 3: GDPR is so complicated

Universities deal with ample students’ contact details. They must safely manage this data, certainly since the GDPR regulation entered into force, which is rigorously checked by the authorities. It is not always easy to comply with all the rules. Whether you are hanging up a camera and recording things, or gaining insight into the student’s payments: GDPR’s operation is active everywhere. With regard to the students’ data protection, you no longer have to think about this when using SKUARIO. We are in full compliance with the latest GDPR regulations.

Reason 4: More hassle at universities since PSD2

PSD2 regulates, that only licensed payment institutions are allowed to carry out financial services. Obtaining such a license is a valuable matter, and a huge hassle that schools or universities would rather avoid. Right?

But as a university, you still want to provide an optimal service to students and enable them to buy things. SKUARIO is fully licensed to provide these services, hereby relieving facility managers at universities of a lot of hassle.

Reason 5: Universities once again have time for issues that matter

Let’s be honest. It is not really a university’s core business to engage in the payments of students. The core business is all about education and facilitating students.

Payments and financial services are SKUARIO’s core business. We are specialised in connecting machines to each other in the cloud, whether this concerns the printer, coffee machine or vending machine. We subsequently connect these devices to SKUARIO’s payment methods. So that students can easily pay everywhere via one mobile app, without any additional work for the university. Just contact us, and we will take care of everything. With SKUARIO, the university once again has time for other, truly important matters.

Would you like to get in touch with SKUARIO? We would love to show you some fine examples. We already have an impressive good portfolio with schools and universities that have preceded you.

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