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What to do when a product or service is not delivered as desired.

We have no responsibility for the delivery of products or services paid for through our payment service. We are only responsible for the financial processing of payments between the user and the operator. The operator of the device or service is responsible for proper delivery of a product or service. If you have a complaint about this, the operator may give you a refund or discount. From the KUARIO App and user portal, you have the option to start a dispute. At the bottom of the transaction details, you will find a button to start the dispute. The operator of the device will then receive a notification, with which he can contact you and refund the disputed amount. You can usually find the operator's contact information at the transaction details.

Does a refund cost me money?

Yes there is small administration fee charged. We charge a 3.5% administration fee for an automatic refund request from the KUARIO App or user portal. A refund request from the App or user portal is sometimes not possible (This depends on the payment method used for the top-up) In these cases we will charge € 2.50 for this manual refund.

Can I request a refund?

Yes, you can request a refund. This can be done via the KUARIO mobile app.

However, there are restrictions due to international Anti Money Laundring legislation. You can only request a refund with a maximum value of your last top up transaction. And we can only refund to the same (bank) account number of this last top up, via the same payment method as was used for this top up.

Example: when you're last top up was $10, you can only request a refund for a maximum of $10.

This maximum amount, minus the administration fee we charge you for this transaction, will be refunded to the same bank account that was used for this last top up.

In the event of a malfunction in the mobile app you can send an e-mail to

Can I offer print from USB on Konica Minolta type of MFP?

No, this functionality is not available (yet).

Can I offer print from USB on Epson type of MFP?

No, this functionality is not available (yet).

Can I offer print from USB on HP Workpath type of MFP?

Yes this is possible

Can I offer print from USB on Ricoh SOP type of MFP?

No, this functionality is not available (yet).

Which document types can be printed using a USB key?

You can print the following document types:
- MS Word
- MS Excel

Can I link my campus- / company card or badge to my KUARIO account?

Yes, you can link any RFID technology card/ badge to you KUARIO account. You can do this via the KUARIO Link terminal or at a KUARIO MFP Kiosk with a KUARIO RFID Reader.

Are there any options for students who do not have a smart phone and are not able to access the KUARIO app?

Yes, there is a web portal,, where users can login, create an account and have the same options as the KUARIO app.

Where is KUARIO hosted? And what is the geographical location of the hosting?

KUARIO is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres. Data of the EU customers is stored in the Netherlands. Data of US customers is stored in the US.

Which DocuPRO/ iBos software version do I need to use the KUARIO Gateway solution?

For DocuPRO/ iBos you need to have the following software version:
- DocuPRO 7.16 and abov;
- No other additional licenses are required.

Which SafeQ software version do I need to use the KUARIO Gateway solution?

For SafeQ you need to have the following software version:
- SafeQ 5 and above.
- SafeQ Payment System the Credit and Billing module license is required.

Which Papercut software version do I need to use the KUARIO Gateway solution?

For Papercut the minimum requirements are:
- Papercut NG 18.1 and higher;
- Papercut MF 18.1 and higher;
- No additional licenses from Papercut are required.

Which print software solutions are supported by the KUARIO Gateway?

The KUARIO Gateway is available for:
- DocuPRO (Inepro)
- Papercut
- SafeQ (Ysoft)
- Papercut
- Uniflow (NT-Ware).

Can I pay when my KUARIO account has a different currency?

Yes, you can pay in a foreign currency. KUARO automatically converts the transaction value into your default currency set via the account settings in the KUARIO app.

Why do I pay a conversion rate of 1% when I change my account currency?

When setting up your KUARIO account your default currency is set. In case you change your account currency to another currency, the default ECB exchange rate + 1% fee is charged to convert your balance into the balance of the selected currency. In case you have no balance on your KUARIO account this currency change is for free.

Do I need to open specific network ports to enable KUARIO services in my organisation?

No, you don't need to open any specific ports for KUARIO. The KUARIO solution is using the most common standard internet network ports. Here's an overview per KUARIO communication ports:

KUARIO MFP Self-Service Kiosk application for Android:
TCP 443: HTTPS communication

KUARIO Smart Connector:
TCP 443: HTTPS communication.

What do I pay for and what is included in the monthly KUARIO subscription fees?

Within the monthly KUARIO platform subscription you pay for all the software licenses, updates of the software, 24/7 support and the usage of the KUARIO cloud platform. Via the KUARIO manager you have full managment control of:
- Site management
- Outlet management
- Product and price management
- Membership management
- Monitoring service
- Reporting service.

Which contract(s) do I need to sign for KUARIO?

Being an official authorised Licensed Payment Institution Agency KUARIO is obliged to follow the AML/CT legislation for each Merchant (party who receives money from KUARIO). This means that the clearing and settlement agreement is provided by KUARIO. Once received, a UBO check will be performed for the Merchant. This is a onetime process. This process will as much as automate in order to meet short turn around.

In case partners will resell KUARIO Self Service Kiosk solutions then KUARIO will provide a reseller agreement to the partner.

Who can I contact when the MFP with KUARIO MFP kiosk application does not supply the paid products?

Depending on the service (solution) it may differ but in generic KUARIO is responsible for the functionality of the application and payment. Dispensing of products or malfunction of the MFP is with the local provider of the MFP.

Can I have a receipt of my purchase?

Yes it possible to have a receipt of all your purchases. You can access your electronic receipt via the transaction summary button on the home screen of the KUARIO app or by logging in via the KUARIO user portal. Click on the specific transaction and you will see a full electronic receipt of your purchase. scrolling down gives you the possibility to have the electronic receipt e-mailed to your registered e-mail account.

Why is it important to me that KUARIO is a licensed Payment Institution Agent?

It is important to you because KUARIO being a PIA, Payment Institution Agent, your money, and the money of all users, is held on a trusted & supervised Escrow bank account.

Can I have a diffent pay out frequence than every other week, i.e. every week or next day?

No it is not possible to have a different pay out frequence. KUARIO is offering a micro payment solution where all costs needs to be optimized.

Can I compare the KUARIO settlement cost (clearing fee) with the traditional transaction fee that banks and credit card companies charging?

No these settlement costs (transaction fees) can't be compared due different systems. KUARIO is based on a blend of international internet payment methods and traditional banking- and credit cards transaction fees are based on card (present) payments.

Are the settlement cost (fee) that I as a merchant pay always the same?

Yes settelment cost per merchant are always the same. Per country different clearing fees are applicable due to laws and regulations.

Is there a maximum amount that I can pay in a transaction?

No there is no maximum transaction amount. The only maximum amount that is applicable, is your balance. You can pay as much as you want you as long as you have enough balance.