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Fully cashless payment systems are becoming increasingly common. They offer considerable advantages compared to cash payment. But will we end up with a world where you’re unable to pay in cash. Or is that a step to far?

For organisations such as universities and shared offices, this cashless world offers many benefits. But there is one major stumbling block. How do you link printers, coffee machines, vending machines, canteens and also lockers to one another?

One payment solution for all your devices

The bottom line is that the brand X printer, brand Y vending machine, the brand Z lockers must all be able to communicate if you want to integrate them into the same cashless payment system.

KUARIO offers solutions for these challenges.

That’s why we’d like to set out the 5 advantages for you:

  1. No hassle with coins in the machines and the corresponding processing by the universities. This always requires some necessary manual processes (e.g. emptying machines, counting money and taking it to the bank).
  2. Universities don’t have a payment licence and therefore they are not licensed to manage the funds from their students. KUARIO does have the necessary licences to manage the funds from users.
  3. GDPR has meant that universities and workspaces have additional responsibilities for managing data from students and users. This may not be an area they focus on.
  4. More insight in student expenditures. What are the most popular times for printing or drinking coffee? This gives you information which will help you decide when to replenish the products
  5. Users are more likely to carry their phones with them than their wallets. The KUARIO app ensures that users receive an even better service.

Irrespective of whether you’re an university, shared workspace or a campsite, for example.
Can you see the many benefits that a cashless system offers?