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Easy mobile payments at events & festivals

Let's party

Wanna skip the queues at coin & locker desks or wristband pre-loaders?

Yes, you are super exited and fully prepared to have a seriously good time. Drinks and grab a bite anyone? Or get your stuff locked away first?

Ah bummer… we have to join the queue at the coin desk or locker desk first. Or we need to queue up to a kiosk to load our wristbands.

Why? It’s so old-school!
You can do it all by yourself, in advance or even at the event. Just download the app on your phone, register yourself to KUARIO and top up your account.
With the auto top up, you also never run out of credit.

We know, when you’re accepting coins at your event, not all coins are used up.

Our advice? Give users equal exchange rates and don’t keep unspent money.


Interested in a green payment solution for your event?

Own Currency

Create your own virtual, event currency

When you organize multiple events you might have considered to introduce your own virtual currency.
We can help you do that.

The KUARIO platform is flexible to introduce your own virtual currency.
You can set different pricing per event, per product if you like.

Be responsible

Go green, go mobile.

Interested in a green payment solution at your event? We can help you swap the coins and wristbands for easy & secure mobile payments.


Every year hundreds of millions of plastic coins and wristbands are being produced for music festivals and events. Most of them can only be used on 1 single event. What a waste….


KUARIO eliminates the need for plastic at events!


KUARIO is a cashless payment platform that supports the global movement against plastic pollution.

Interested in a green payment solution for your events?

Real time insights

Knowing is better than wondering

KUARIO is a cashless mobile payment solution.

Our platform enables real time insight, flexible pricing, better margins & full reporting abilities to optimize your current and future events, festivals or fairs.


No need for expensive credit card terminals or pre-loading kiosks.

We’ve got a range of affordable, easy-to-use apps that will turn your mobile or tablet into a payment accepting terminal.


Users pay by scanning a QR-code. Easy as that!