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Mobile printing in shops & supermarkets? We’ve made it so easy!

Award Winning Solutions

Pick up the groceries & your daughters thesis

We’ve all been there…. Just when your kids need to print out their schoolwork we run out of toner or paper. Last minute stress and not being able to solve it.

Now wouldn’t it be great just to walk up to the nearest shop and print out your documents from the cloud?
We’ve cracked the nut for (semi-)public cloud printing.

Printing, copy and scan (OCR) at MFP printers in (semi-)public without any local server installation or domain set up and directly pay at the machine with your mobile phone, cash or credit cards, that’s what we do. We’ve made it so easy, it’s literally plug and play.

It’s has won us the Global Innovation Award and the Technology Elite Award.

When you’re an interested shop owner or need to install printers in retail, do not hesitate to check out our award winning solutions.