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Seamless mobile payment experiences & much more ...

We're not 'just another payment platform'.

We’ve developed multiple Award Winning solutions to cater the self-service machine industry. Whether this is for vending, MFP printers, coffee machines, lockers, EV charges or even kiddie rides…

We master them all.


Let your customers pay with their phones

It’s all about apps, apps & …. apps. We have developed multiple different apps. Not only apps to pay with your mobile phone but also apps to manage & operate self-service machines like f.i. multi branded kiosks for MFP printers.

Smart Connector

Transform your self-service machines to smart

The Smart Connector is a powerful solution that replaces any electronic coin- / banknote validator or debit-/credit card terminal. It connects your machines to the cloud and makes them smart. Start accepting mobile payments today.

Pay Terminals

Combining all types of payment methods

Although more & more people like to pay with their mobile phone, there still is a demand for conventional payment methods like cash or debit- & credit cards.

Cloud Dashboard

Manage & optimize via one single dashboard.

We have built a multi-use cloud platform for all different types of self-service machines. Whether it is for vending, printing, electric charging, coffee, lockers, sunbeds or saunas, you name it.
You can manage products & pricing on all your connected machines via one single dashboard. Device management, monitoring, telemetry, reporting & accounting, it’s all there.