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Our Story

We rethink the existing & reshape when needed...

Create seamless solutions & optimize payment experiences

We do things differently. It’s in our nature to think outside the box and reshape the existing.


KUARIO is a hard- & software development company, under the umbrella of the XMDS Holding of companies, with over 30 years of experience. Our head office is located in Haarlem close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands.
We’ve developed, in-house, a fully cloud based self-service device management, monitoring, reporting, accounting & identity management platform combined with a mobile (micro) payment platform.


KUARIO supports the global movement against plastic pollution.
Every year hundreds of millions new plastic bank- & credit cards are issued….. KUARIO eliminates the need for plastic bank- & credit cards!


Mobile payments at unattended self-service machines

Our Award Winning solutions are ideally suited for mobile payments at unattended self-service machines in (semi-)public enviroments like vending machines, MFP printers, coffee machines, laundry, photo booths, kiddie rides etc.


Locations where these facilities come together are ideally suited for introducing KUARIO like schools, universities, co-working spaces, libraries, supermarkets, student residents, hotels & more.


We also focus on delivering easy-to-use, secure mobile payment solutions for all sorts of events and small business owners like (farmer) market vendors, food trucks, mini markets, (street) restaurants and more.


For the printing industry we have created, game changing cloud print & scan solutions. Our Award Winning printing solutions are multi-vendor and support Windows, MAC & Chromebooks.

Our team

None of us is as smart as all of us

At KUARIO we work with a mixed team of young & experienced people. We blend the creative new brilliant minds of today with those of the people that have seen the upcoming rise of the internet & mobile. Together we envision the parallels towards the future.
Basically we’ve put old & wise with young, brilliant & dynamic into one melting pot. This unique combination of people loves to think outside the box, work together in an agile environment & deliver innovations at the speed of light.