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How to transform into a Library 2.0

Library 2.0

User-centered libraries

If you want to buy a cup of coffee, grab a soda from the vending machine, or when you need to print something: KUARIO links all types of machines that users pay for at libraries.
It is a really easy way to pay, using just one mobile app for all types of devices.

We understand (semi-)public environments and created specific payment- & IT solutions to cater this.


We help you transform your library to 2.0 with solutions that are truly user-centered. All our library solutions are designed to best serve your library users. Enabling your users, members & non-members, to operate all services without any assistance required.

Our solutions will make your life and the life of your users easier.


Paid printing, copy & scan

Our KUARIO MFP Kiosk solution is specifically designed for self-service printing & payments in libraries.

Users can take full control of the services themselves without any involvement from your librarians.

Users do the account set up themselves & pay directly at the device. Again without any involvement from the librarians.

The solution is completely serverless & cloud based. The solution is GDPR compliant. All user data is fully encrypted.

We’ve developed universal printer drivers for: Windows, Mac & Chrome.
With our certified printer drivers you are now able to offer your users with printing from PC’s, Tablets or Chromebooks.
Specifically interesting for students.

Users can print from any device and pick up the job at any library with a KUARIO enabled printer.


Easy micro payments for book fines & more

Our KUARIO SLIM EFT app is the most efficient micro payment solution for libraries. Perfectly designed for paying smaller amounts like book fines or any item that is sold over the counter.
No more cash handling and no need for expensive debit-/credit card terminals.
We have the perfect solution.

Pay Boxes

Need cash & card payments?

Our robust and reliable Pay Boxes cater the need for traditional payments. We have developed, in-house, a range of sturdy traditional Pay Boxes to bridge the gap to mobile payments.

Our Pay Boxes come in 3 versions; Coins only, Cards only or Coins & Cards.