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Catering & Vending

Get ready for mobile payments


Your customers are mobile, join them

And there is one thing they never leave home without….
More and more customers like to pay with their mobile phones. So start accepting mobile payments today.

We create happy schools where students can pay with their mobile phones for items from a vending machine or pay for meals in the campus restaurant. All via one single mobile payment app.
Besides for vending and meals, the students can also open their lockers, pay for printing their documents, get a coffee, hire a bike, charge their e-bikes/steps or wash their laundry.

Education & offices

Cater to your customers’ needs

Our mobile payment solutions perfectly fit the needs for education & shared offices.

We partner with schools, universities and co-working spaces that like to offer their users one single mobile app to pay for all sorts of products & services at their facility.

Why create a specific meal budget when you cannot use that same budget for printing your documents or to buy a can of coke from the vending machines?

We do things differently. We like to empower todays users and get them in the drivers seat.

We take care of the full onboarding of all students and co-workers. Users can create their own account in 1 minute and they are ready to pay for all types of services.

That’s why we say: Happy students make a happy university.

Smart Connector

Make your vending machines smart

We not only serve the latest vending machine models, we can handle them all.

When the machines are still good, why replace if you can also upgrade?

Implementing our Smart Connector will connect your vending machines to the cloud & upgrade your machines with the latest (payment) technology.

Placed in the inside or at the back of your vending or coffee machine, the smart connector is a powerful solution that can replace any electronic coin or banknote validator and manage your device in the Cloud. Due to its flexible interface and multiple supported communication protocols, your device will be transformed into a cloud enabled self-service machine accepting mobile payments.
Now you can optimize your operation, become more cost efficient and have real time insight in the performance and availability of all your machines in the field.