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How to transform into an office 2.0

One app for everything

Manage all your office services with 1 app

When you’re in a shared office or coworking space you’re confronted with multiple types of services. Whether you need to print or scan your documents, grab a soda or candy from the vending machine or buy your coffee at the barista, all these type of machines require you to order & pay in a different way.


We have made this a lot easier for you!


KUARIO links all types of machines that you need to pay for at (shared)offices. You can now order & pay via 1 single app for all these types of different devices.


If you like, you can also link your current company ID card to KUARIO. So you can keep your phone in your pocket and use your card.

Our solution

Easy 'on-the-go' printing

When you operate an (shared)office or coworking space, you are fully aware of all the challenges you face with setting up a solid, robust print network that gives you full flexibility at the lowest possible costs.  More and more (shared)offices and coworking spaces like to bring their total fleet of printers to the cloud and offer a GDPR proof, secure release print solution.

You also have to make the right decision how your clients are going to pay for these print/copy/scan jobs. Will you take full administrative responsibility & costs related to invoice your clients for their monthly print usage?


Or choose for a completely different, hassle free approach, save costs and make your office 2.0!


Look no further! We have created multiple solutions for printing in (shared)offices and co-working spaces.

Pay directly at the device

MFP Kiosk application

When you like your clients to pay for print, copy & scan at the device without the burden of a time & cost consuming administrative onboarding procedure, our MFP Kiosk is the ideal solution!


With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk you are able to offer your clients the most innovative and user friendly total printing solution available today. We’ve created the same online shopping experience like buying in a webshop but now on a MFP printer. Just fill up your shopping basket and pay using your mobile phone.

Clients can print from any device like PC’s, Chromebooks, laptops, tablets or even straight from their mobile phones.


Just print, copy or scan your jobs and pay directly at the device.

That’s what makes our MFP Kiosk a Global Award Winning solution as Best Innovation.

Benefit using the mobile app

KUARIO Payment Gateway

When your current fleet of printers run a managed print service like f.i. PaperCut, SafeQ, uniFLOW, iBOS, myPrint/STREAMLINE NX or other major MPS brands you can still offer the ease of payments via the KUARIO mobile app to your clients. Delivering a higher level of convenience & service, all via 1 single mobile app.


Through our payment API’s, we connect multiple different 3rd party MPS to our payment gateway. This solution will take away a lot of administrative & financial hassle for (shared)offices and co-working spaces.

Your clients will also benefit using the mobile app.

Your clients can easily (auto) top up their balance so they never run out of credit, view their list of transactions & send VAT receipts to their mailbox for transactions made.

When working on a joint project, colleagues can also create and share a co-working wallet to pay for prints, scans or other items related to that project.