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Washing & drying for students or short stay guests

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We offer a full mobile payment solution for washing and drying. No need for high maintenance, coin accepting machines or expensive credit card terminals.
Our Smart Connectors will hook up your washing and drying machines into the cloud and make them smart. Enabling you to do remote price settings, monitoring the performance. Are they down or still running and generating turnover? With the KUARIO dashboard you have full remote insight over all your machines, located anywhere.

Pay mobile

Cheap & efficient washing & drying for student housing

Whenever you’re housing students or rent out to short stay visitors that are in need of easy washing or drying? With our smart connectors you can link your machines in the cloud and start accepting mobile payments.

Students don’t carry cash anymore. They carry their phones everywhere. More and more schools and universities work with KUARIO, creating thousands of students with KUARIO on their mobile phones.

So tap in to that opportunity and let them pay the way they are used to.

We’ve taken out the need for cash handling or expensive debit- credit card terminals.
All you need is our affordable smart connector and a QR code. That’s it.