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Electric charging

Electrify your car

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Mobile payments for all electrical vehicle chargers

When you want to open up your fleet of EV chargers to start accepting mobile payments, stop looking any further.

More and more people drive electric. Whether this is a car, a scooter, e-bike or e-step. And they need to be charged when you’re on the go.
Now wouldn’t it be great to start accepting mobile payments?

Your customers drive electric for multiple reasons and many do this out of care for the environment.

So why would you support accepting payments via plastic membership cards?


Every year hundreds of millions new plastic company-, bank- or credit cards are issued….. KUARIO eliminates the need for plastic cards!

KUARIO is a cashless payment platform that supports the global movement against plastic pollution.

Interested in a green payment solution?

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QR code mobile payments

With KUARIO we open up your EV chargers to accept mobile payments via QR codes.


Costs for loading via plastic cards is not transparent


With the KUARIO app we can inform users on the exact costs for loading at a specific charger. So no more guessing how much is charged. We deliver transparant information for users on the go.


When there are no direct payments required because you take care of the invoicing of your customers. This is also possible.


With KUARIO you can also do accounting & registration of usage without direct payments.


Our platform is highly flexible.