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Our lockers are a contactless secure, convenient versatile storage solution

KUARIO and LoQit locked together

KUARIO and LoQit work together to provide the best locker solution

In cooperation with LoQit, KUARIO supplies locker systems with management and payment systems.


The lockers and the mailboxes are equipped with an electronic locking system that can be opened by means of a pin code on a terminal, a mifare card and an app (Apple and Android) on the phone. The solution can be implemented as a hybrid system in which the lockers can still be operated in the event of an internet outage. Measures can also be taken in the event of a power failure by using Uninterupted Power Supplies. This makes a fully redundant system possible.


The locker management system can be used by administrators who can operate the lockers remotely and view the history. Reports on, for example, the occupancy level can also be printed out, so that the lockers can be used more efficiently if necessary. We work both dynamically and with fixed users.


Feature list

For the user:

  1. Claim locker via the app
  2. Reserving a locker with the app
  3. Open and end reservation with the app
  4. Pay via the wallet in the app
  5. Easy locker opening: push-to-open and pop-to-open
  6. Easy storage of usage history
  7. Overview of current locker through locker number in the app
  8. Receive push messages: notification of grace period, end of reservation, when the locker is opened by the manager and the reason why
  9. Easily link passes (IDs) to his or her account
  10. Insight into your memberships and linked IDs


For the administrator:

  1. Settings for use can be adjusted remotely
  2. Creation of groups and types of users
  3. Configuration such as paying / non-paying and large / small locker.
Your data is safe


KUARIO and LoQit ensure security by using all functionalities within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. User information is stored within the Microsoft Azure environment according to GDPR guidelines.


The Azure data centres are:

ISO 27001/27002 certified for information security

SOC1/SOC2 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 certified

All data traffic between the lockers and the Locker Management Software is transmitted via HTTPS (TLS) encryption.