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Pay Terminals

Bridge the gap with our Pay Terminals

The next generation Pay Terminals

For the rapidly growing market of unattended self-service machines, we offer a portfolio of robust & reliable multi-channel payment solutions.

Next Gen

Cloud connected Pay Terminals

Although more and more people like to pay with their mobile phone, there still is a demand for conventional payment methods like cash and debit-/credit cards.
To bridge this gap we have developed a next generation series of Cloud connected Pay Terminals.
All Pay Terminals are connected to our Cloud Platform.

Coins & Cards

Pay Terminals for Coins & Cards

Based on 25 years of proven technology and in-house developed. We have created 3 types of Pay Terminals to bridge the gap between mobile payments and traditional cash & card payments. Suitable for MFP Printers. You can choose for Coins only, Cards only or Coins & Cards combined. All transactions are processed via our cloud platform.


Contactless Card terminals

A Nayax cashless card terminal linked to our Smart Connector enables contactless debit-/credit card payments at many different self-service machines, connected to the KUARIO cloud platform. The Pay Terminals are suitable for MFP printers, EV-chargers, sunbeds, saunas & lots more. Easy to be mounted on your machines.

Just tap & pay!

Pay Box

Bridging the Gap

The Pay Box is a sturdy, robust and proven piece of hardware enabling coin- & card payments at MFP printers.



Plug & Play. Just connect the Pay Boxes to the KUARIO enabled MFP device and you’re ready to accept traditional payments like coins or debit-/credit cards.



The KUARIO Pay Boxes are based on more than 25 years of experience. Thousands and thousands of printers worldwide have delivered paid for copies and prints using our Pay Boxes.



We only work with the best.
Our Pay Boxes are equipped with the best and fully PCI licensed debit-/credit terminals from one of the world’s leading terminal manufacturers.
Also our coin validators are from the best OEM suppliers in the world.



The Pay Boxes seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional coin & card payments and our revolutionary mobile payment app for payments at MFP printers.