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No one can whistle a Symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Award Winning Platform

Join the world’s leading brands

KUARIO is an award winning platform for device management, authentication & payments at multiple types of self-service machines worldwide.
We partner with world leading brands and are expanding our growing list of global resellers.

Our solutions are used in education, shared offices, libraries, governmental facilities, vending, catering, printing, washing & drying and many other markets or places.

With our MFP Kiosk embedded application for the printing industry, we’ve revolutionized the way of mobile printing. We’ve cracked the nut for easy payments via your mobile phone.

Let's connect your devices & make them smart

Via our Smart Connectors we connect all your devices in the cloud & make them smart. Now you are able to remotely manage your devices, set products & pricing and be able to monitor the performance of your machines.

Together we enable your customers to pay via their mobile phone.

So let’s join hands & make your fleet of machines, future proof.


We are rapidly expanding our global presence via a selection of successful & committed value added reselling partners.


Do you want to join our orchestra of happy reselling partners?

We would love to welcome you on board.