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Smart Connector

Transform your self-service machines to smart, cloud connected devices.

Smart Connector

Cloud connected self-service machines

Implementing the Smart Connector will connect your machines to the cloud & upgrades your machines with the latest (payment) technology.

The smart connector is a powerful solution that can replace any electronic coin or banknote validator and manage any unattended device. Due to its flexible interface and multiple supported
communication protocols of the Smart Connector, your device will be transformed into a cloud enabled self-service machine accepting mobile payments.
Now you can optimize your operation, become more cost efficient and have real time insight in the performance and availability of all your machines in the field. With the Smart Connector you will have the ability for remote machine monitoring over your total fleet of self-service machines.


You can now push customer demand and create customer loyalty.

Data rules

Seamless telemetry integration of your vending machines

The Smart Connector seamlessly integrates with telemetry out of the vending machine or self-service kiosk. The Smart Connector provides cashless clearance, self-service monitoring, self-service management and Business Intelligence.
You will get real time insight on all aspects of your operation i.e. turnover, inventory, financial overview, machine monitoring, status alerts and reports of your total fleet of self-service machines.

Inside the machine

Plug & Play

The Smart Connector is a smart box to be placed on the inside of the self-service machine without affecting the exterior. The Smart Connector can be linked and configured in an instance.
The Smart Connector is cloud connected and software will be updated automatically.

Payments made easy

QR codes, Bluetooth & RFID

The Smart Connector enables mobile payments on vending machine or other self-service machines. Either via scanning a QR-code or via Bluetooth.

When you have a KUARIO RFID reader installed on your machines, you can also process transactions using all sorts of RFID badges (like company-, campus- or school cards) that are linked to the users KUARIO account. The KUARIO RFID reader is configured specifically to guarantee data security. The new KUARIO RFID reader even supports 2FA ensuring the identity of the card holder. With the KUARIO RFID reader customers can still use their existing company-/student cards to pay at KUARIO enabled self-service machines.


Cloud connected & smart

cost savings

Cost savings

• No need for investments in credit-/debit terminals.
• Reduced implementation & operating costs

fast&easy installation

Fast & easy installation

• KUARIO Service app enables easy on site machine (re) configuration
• Connect machines in the cloud & make them smarter
• Remote flexible pricing opportunities

improved appearance

Improved appearance & design

• No need to physically modify the front display panel. The Smart Connector is integrated inside the machine

online dashboard

Online dashboard

• Real time insight
• Reporting, tele metrics, clearing & settlement
• Multi-language
• Multi-currency
• Global coverage
• Intuitive UI