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Keep ‘m rolling, those Food Trucks!

After another night of cooking the most delicious meals for your customers, all you want when they are waiting in line, is a fast transit of payments.
You don’t want to dirty your hands touching cash or spend your hard earned money on expensive bank or credit card terminals.
We understand today’s hard working entrepreneurs, therefore we have developed the KUARIO SLIM PDQ app. All you need is your mobile phone and you can start accepting payments via our PDQ app.

Reward your regular users and let them pay via KUARIO.
Now all you need to look after is adding your perfect spices at the right moment.

Spice up your business with KUARIO SLIM PDQ. Wanna know more?


Ice cream, you scream, we scream

When you’re the best ice cream maker in town, people line up to get it. They know where to find you. Not just once but many, many times.
You don’t want to worry about cash payments, you just want to scoop away.
With KUARIO we have just the right solution for your regular users. No expensive credit card terminals. You can use your own mobile phone or tablet. Payments go via scanning a QR code.


We just love our local markets

Whether it is a farmer market, flea market or any other regularly organized local market, we make your payments real easy.
No need for handling cash or rent expensive credit card handheld terminals.

You can now use your own mobile phone or simple tablet to start accepting mobile payments from your regular customers.

Our SLIM PDQ app will turn your mobile into a payment terminal. It’s free available.

Reward your regular users and let them pay via KUARIO.


Wanna know more about our Pretty Damn Quick payment app?

Smart Connector

Kiddie ride to the cloud

Kids always like a kiddie ride but coins & cash are not always at hand. There is one thing Mom and Dad never leave home without and that’s their phone.
With KUARIO you can start accepting mobile payments.
Upgrade your kiddie rides with our Smart Connector and connect them in the cloud. You can now optimize your machines from behind your desk via the online dashboard. You will have full insight on the performance of all your kiddie rides, introducing flexible pricing if you like without any on-premise configuration of the physical device. Users pay with their mobile scanning a QR code on your device.

Wanna know more?