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KUARIO mobile app

Pay in an instant with your smartphone

With our KUARIO mobile app you can pay at all types of self-service machines like vending machines, multi-function printers, laundry machines, coffee machines, POS, EV-chargers, lockers, kiddie rides & more


Replace your pay terminals

If you have regular customers, KUARIO PDQ is the most easy-to-use mobile payment solution for simple over the counter payments. Ideal for startup businesses looking to keep costs down.

KUARIO PDQ is an easy-to-use app, ideal for small business owners with regular customers like (farmer) market vendors, food trucks, mini markets, libraries, (street) restaurants, @home hairdressers or any smaller vendor of goods and services that wants to accept easy, safe & low cost payments via mobile phones from their regular customers.
Where ever you want to get rid of cash payments and accept easy mobile payments, KUARIO PDQ is the perfect solution.


Revolutionize your MFP devices

Deploying your unattended Multi-Functional Printers (MFP’s) in (semi-) public environments i.e. co-working & shared offices, universities, libraries, supermarkets, hotels & post offices etc. can be a real challenge. Operating the device can be very complicated. Extensive registration might deter users. And the setup of a complex document accounting system can be experienced as too much hassle.