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Management Dashboard

Manage all your machines in the Cloud via 1 dashboard.


Ready, set & go with our Management Dashboard.

Register, manage & optimize all your types of self-service machines with one single Management Dashboard in our KUARIO Manager.
The easy-to-use Management Dashboard enables you to remotely:
● manage all your self-service machines
● configure product listings
● set pricing per single or multiple Self-service machines
● create templates for easy multi-machine roll outs
● get full reporting of all your transactions & items sold, total turnover and financial clearing & settlements
● telemetry; get up-to-date information on your stock and machines that are out of service

Insight & optimization

The KUARIO Manager is a cloud based management dashboard that gives you a higher level of convenience by offering you a clear insight on performance and a full suite of reporting abilities.
The detailed information enables you to increase the success of your self-service machines and points out machines that need optimization at specific locations.