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Payment Gateway

Connect your solutions to our payment gateway

A perfect match

Connect your Managed Print Solutions to our KUARIO Gateway for easy payments & management.

Many companies in (semi-)public environments, like for instance Shared Offices and Educational Institutions have arranged their printing with a Managed Print Solution.

An important part related to this Managed Print Solution is the credit management of registered users to be able to pay for print, copy & scan services.


Challenges surrounding credit management are:
• How to get the credit on the user’s account?
• Who manages & controls this process?
• And can this credit also be used for other paid services within the organisation, like vending, coffee or catering?


These processes, all related with your managed print solution, need to be optimised for your employees and customers.

KUARIO Gateway

We take care of it

KUARIO is precisely doing this!

Regardless of the type or brand of the Managed Print Solution that’s running on the MFP’s, the KUARIO Gateway is specifically developed for easy payments at MFP printers.

The KUARIO Gateway securely connects the local installed print solution with the KUARIO Cloud Platform. The existing managed print solution continues to operate as usual, but now your users can pay for the print jobs with the KUARIO mobile app.

End-users are also able to link an existing company-, campus- or school card to their KUARIO account. Now they can pay by easily presenting their card to a RFID reader and transactions are charged to their KUARIO account.


End-user benefits of the KUARIO Mobile app:

• Clear overview of all transactions
• Send VAT receipts to your mailbox
• Top up via international & local payment methods like: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.
• Easy auto top up possibilities. Always enough balance on your account
• Link your organisation-/institution card to your KUARIO account
• Transfer money between KUARIO users
• Create shared wallets with your friends or colleagues

Cloud management platform

Besides end-user benefits KUARIO also offers many advantages to the provider of the paid services.

KUARIO is a multi-use micro payment platform for all kinds of paid facility services such as printing, vending, coffee, catering, washing, drying, lockers etc. The KUARIO management platform manages user credits and keeps track of transactions within the organisation / institution. The KUARIO cloud management platform eliminates all your administrative tasks and takes over the responsibility of payments to all stakeholders involved. This means you no longer have to worry about all the financial hassle.

Efficiency & availability

The KUARIO Gateway enables efficiency:

The KUARIO Gateway enables efficiency:
• A single contract partner for all your financial services
• PSD2.0 compliant with the new European financial legislation
• Cloud based platform for management of all KUARIO enabled services
• Take “care” model for financial services
• No responsibility for users credit
• Centralised and bundled reporting
• Automatic pay outs into your bank account
• GDPR compliant


The KUARIO Gateway is available for:
• Papercut
• SafeQ (Ysoft)
• Uniflow (NT-Ware)
• iBos (inepro)
• myPrint/STREAMLINE NX (Ricoh)