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Happy students make happy universities

Happy students

Pay with 1 app for all services

If you want to buy a cup of coffee, grab something from the vending machine, open your locker or when you need to print something: KUARIO links all types of machines that students pay for at universities or schools.
It is a really easy way to pay, using just one mobile app for all types of devices.

If you like, you can also link your current student ID card to KUARIO. So you can keep your phone in your pocket and use your card.

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Easy 'on-the-go' printing

We have created multiple solutions for printing at educational facilities.


MFP Kiosk application
With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk you are able to offer your students the most innovative and user friendly total printing solution available today. We’ve created the same online shopping experience like buying in a webshop but now on a MFP printer. Just fill up your shopping basket and pay using your mobile phone.

Students can print from any device like PC’s, Chromebooks, laptops, tablets or even straight from their mobile phones.


KUARIO Payment Gateway
When printers at your facility run a managed print service like f.i. PaperCut, SafeQ or other major MPS brands you can still offer the ease of payments via the KUARIO mobile app to your students.
Through our payment API’s, we connect multiple different 3rd party MPS to our payment gateway. This solution will take away a lot of administrative & financial hassle for universities and schools.

Your students will also benefit using the mobile app.

They will always know how much budget they have, easy (auto) top up their balance, view their transactions & send credit to their friends.

Easy onboarding

Hassle free financial & administrative services

We manage all student onboarding, taking care of all financial hassle that comes with creating budgets for printing, meals, coffee etc. and we take care of all management around refunds for students.

Via the free to download KUARIO mobile app, students create their own KUARIO account from which they are able to pay for all different types of paid facilities. They can set an automatic top up, so they will never have to run out of money.

Data protection

GDPR proof

Printing via our KUARIO MFP Kiosk will ensure GDPR proof printing at your facility. All data is not stored locally and will be transferred & released fully encrypted at the MFP device, No personal data is transferred over the schools network.


A university is not a bank, right?

Many universities manage the students’ incoming money for print budgets or catering credits for meal plans. But they do not have a banking license to offer these type of financial services.

Thus, under PSD2 they might actually be in violation, without them even realizing this.
At KUARIO, we are fully licensed for managing funds and executing payment services. By doing so, we take away a great responsibility from universities.