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We ourselves were of course already convinced of our solution’s potency. But we’d much rather prefer to receive this acknowledgement from independent experts. We recently got this confirmation: KUARIO received the Technology Elite Award for ‘Best self-service Retail Payment Solution’ from the experts of US Business News, an independent, leading American magazine aimed at business leaders. This is in our view the ultimate testimony that KUARIO fulfils an important need in the market. Needless to say, we are quite proud of this!

 For those that do not know KUARIO yet, here’s a short introduction. It is the first solution worldwide that connects numerous different types of self-service machines in the cloud, so that the machines:

  • Can be remotely controlled, so you can, for instance, adjust the product prices
  • Can be remotely monitored, for both insight into the daily achievements, as well as alerting in the case of problems
  • Provide the possibility to pay with a cell phone (unique in the market!)

Alongside our cloud infrastructure, KUARIO on the customer side works with a mobile app. Customers can conveniently pay at a self-service machine via this app.

Targeted offers

KUARIO is also unique for another reason: the app enables effective e- and m-commerce. Based on individual preferences, customers can via push notifications be provided with offers from suppliers and partners that are specifically targeted at them. This stimulates sales and ensures that customers can also be reached when they are not close to the machine.

The US Business News editorial staff writes the following about this:

“The platform is also prepared for e- & m-commerce to come, enabling the firm’s partners, after approval by their users (opt-in), to push promotions to end-users via the mobile app based on user preferences. This will enable partners to sell products way beyond the point of presence (in front of the machine) but already at the point of interest. This will seriously increase sales at vending machines in (semi-)public spaces that are KUARIO enabled.”

Hassle-free paying

Another aspect that US Business News praisefully writes about is payment convenience. Partly due to this, KUARIO is popular at educational institutions: the KUARIO app has in the past six months been downloaded more than 50,000 times by pupils and students. They can easily top up their account with the app and via their smartphone pay at printers, vending machines, and coffee machines. This avoids the hassle of having to use cash or chip cards.

Would you like to know more?

You’ll find the whole US Business News article about KUARIO here

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