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Does a refund cost me money?

Yes there is small administration fee charged. This fee is dependent on laws and regulations in your country.

Can I request a refund?

Yes, you can request a refund. This can be done via the KUARIO mobile app.

However, there are restrictions due to international Anti Money Laundring legislation. You can only request a refund with a maximum value of your last top up transaction. And we can only refund to the same (bank) account number of this last top up, via the same payment method as was used for this top up.

Example: when you're last top up was $10, you can only request a refund for a maximum of $10.

This maximum amount, minus the administration fee we charge you for this transaction, will be refunded to the same bank account that was used for this last top up.

In the event of a malfunction in the mobile app you can send an e-mail to

Which document types can be printed using a USB key?

You can print the following document types:
- MS Word
- MS Excel

Can I link my campus- / company card or badge to my KUARIO account?

Yes, you can link any RFID technology card/ badge to you KUARIO account. You can do this via the KUARIO Link terminal or at a KUARIO MFP Kiosk with a KUARIO RFID Reader.

Can I pay when my KUARIO account has a different currency?

Yes, you can pay in a foreign currency. KUARO automatically converts the transaction value into your default currency set via the account settings in the KUARIO app.

Why do I pay a conversion rate of 1% when I change my account currency?

When setting up your KUARIO account your default currency is set. In case you change your account currency to another currency, the default ECB exchange rate + 1% fee is charged to convert your balance into the balance of the selected currency. In case you have no balance on your KUARIO account this currency change is for free.

Can I have a receipt of my purchase?

Yes it possible to have a receipt of all your purchases. You can access your electronic receipt via the transaction summary button on the home screen of the KUARIO app or by logging in via the KUARIO user portal. Click on the specific transaction and you will see a full electronic receipt of your purchase. scrolling down gives you the possibility to have the electronic receipt e-mailed to your registered e-mail account.

Is there a maximum amount that I can pay in a transaction?

No there is no maximum transaction amount. The only maximum amount that is applicable, is your balance. You can pay as much as you want you as long as you have enough balance.