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The girls of Atalante sport participate in Rhythmic Gymnastics. This fantastic limber and agile sport is characterized by graceful movement and dance to beautiful music. The gymnasts use various materials such as hoops, balls, ropes, ribbons and clubs. The girls participate fanatically in individual competitions, but they also enjoy the group competitions where they perform as a team. Although the association was founded in a difficult time in 2021, there is now an enthusiastic group of girls who are guided by the strength and perseverance of head coach Kilianne and her assistants Tess and Xarenely. They have worked hard together in the past year and now there is a tight group formed, which is eager to start again when the games begin again.

We find it very courageous that where many associations stop, Kilianne and her team dare to start again. KUARIO is proud that we can support this initiative.
We wish Atalante Sport and the gymnasts lots of success with the upcoming competitions.

More information or this young enthusiastic association can be found on their website: AtalanteSports