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New features for KUARIO users

We are excited to announce two new features!
First, we are bringing back the popular transfer function in a slightly different form. This feature is called Share. It allows you to share part of your credit (amount) with someone else. So you give someone permission to use e.g. € 1.00 of your credit. The money remains yours at all times and you decide what happens.

Secondly, your personal KUARIO wallet is now given a name, which refers to the service or location you use the wallet for. It is still your wallet with which you can continue to pay at your favourite payment points. Only a wallet name now appears in the wallet.

Depending on the service and location relevant to you, your wallet name will be assigned automatically. If we have accidentally connected your wallet to the wrong service or location, don’t panic! Your money is safe with us. Just request a refund via the refund function in the app or online. After this, create a new wallet and top up your balance as before.

These new features will be available via the app and online from 1 July 2023. This means you will get an update to the KUARIO app. This will happen gradually through the well-known app stores.