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In order to provide you with the latest features, there are regular updates on the KUARIO platform and in the KUARIO manager. We recommend that you always use the latest version of the KUARIO manager page. How to use the lastest version is described below.

Browser cache

Cache is a storage place where frequently used data is temporarily stored in order to enable faster access to it. On your computer this means the temporary internet files. But sometimes it is necessary to empty the cache in your browser.

Why do I sometimes need to empty my browser cache?

Why do I need to empty my cache? When surfing the internet, websites save parts locally on your computer. This is useful for your next visit so you don’t have to fetch all the data again. The advantage is that the page concerned can then be displayed more quickly. That’s nice for the visitors, right? However, it can sometimes happen that the old data is displayed during a subsequent visit because the browser still has it stored locally. It is then convenient to retrieve the latest data not locally but from the server. This means that the cache needs to be emptied to retrieve the latest information. Also, if too much data is stored locally, the browser may become slower. Clearing the browser cache once in a while helps to keep your browser up to date and fast.

Retrieve the latest version of the KUARIO manager page

Without deleting the entire cache it is also possible to directly retrieve the latest version of a certain web page. To do this, use the following keyboard shortcuts after logging into the KUARIO manager at

Windows: Ctrl + F5 (refresh from the server) – F5 (also refresh with local data)

Mac: Command + Shift + R