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It is with great joy that we can announce that our KUARIO cloud platform for payment & device management has recently been awarded, again! This honor was awarded to us during the Software and Technology Awards, an initiative of New World Report.

Pioneers & disruptors of modern technology

New World Report seeks to recognize the efforts of the pioneers & disruptors of modern technology, as well as those who have sustained excellence and made a long-term commitment to the development & advancement of technology. Through their awards program, New World Report celebrates the visionaries of digital technology, whether in software development, the production of cutting-edge solutions or the distribution of the latest technology to local or international clients.

Award: Self-Service Retail Payment Solution of the Year 2020

Out of the entries of organizations from emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, IoT & clean tech, KUARIO was selected as the Self-Service Retail Payment Solution of the Year 2020. With this award, New World Report affirms that KUARIO is a high-performance solution for connecting multiple types of self-service machines in the cloud. Making it possible to remotely manage devices, set products and prices, monitor & report, as well as enabling payments via scanning QR-codes with a mobile phone.

KUARIO adds value to e- & m-commerce

KUARIO also adds value for e- & m-commerce purposes, e.g. after approval by their users (opt-in), merchants can push promotions to end users via the mobile app based on user preferences. This feature, will allow partners to promote offers and start selling products far beyond the point of presence (in front of the machine), but already at the point of interest.

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You’ll find New World Report’s profile about KUARIO here.

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