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No money has its advantages

Should an educational institution want to manage students’ money?


Managing students’ and/or pupils’ money is very time-consuming, risky and may not comply with laws and regulations. In the European Union, it is not permitted to manage and pay out other people’s funds to third parties without strict compliance with the AML/CTF Act.


Does the educational institution comply with this? It happens regularly that the print credit can also be used for other purposes. Often, these services are offered within the educational institution even though they are not part of the core tasks of the educational institution and may be in conflict with the applicable legislation.


From the perspective of an educational institution, we understand this very well: one credit for all services. That is what KUARIO stands for, but only within the framework of laws and regulations.


With the KUARIO Payment Gateway, we offer the ideal solution for a paid printing environment for, among others, Papercut, SafeQ (y Soft), uniFLOW, Myprint (Ricoh) and DocuPRO (inepro), but also other services such as cashless catering and vending within an educational institution. KUARIO takes over all financial and administrative tasks and is responsible for payments to all parties involved. KUARIO manages the funds, makes payments and reimburses students in accordance with the AML/CTF Act.


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